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Which caterer for a hen party?

Your best friend told you the big news almost a year ago now. She's getting married. Of course, the honour of organising her hen party falls to you. And there's no shortage of ideas. You already have a good overview of the day you are going to spend together as girls; entertainment, evening, surprises... Everything is OK, or almost. Because you still have to think about the meals; lunch and dinner. And there, you're a bit stuck. But have you thought about using a caterer?

The advantages of a caterer for a hen party

Since the caterer is often the central provider on the day of the reception, why not the night before? During the hen party? Indeed, calling on a caterer means taking on part of the organisation of the day. In fact, the caterer has several advantages.

Firstly, it allows you to tell each participant what the total cost of their day will be. If you want them to contribute to the costs, of course. You just have to anticipate the cost according to the programme of your day, and then you know the exact amount to pay. It's convenient and headache-free when it comes to calculating the bill.

Secondly, you save time. You don't have to do everything the caterer prepares. What you save on this front, you can spend on scheduling other parts of your friend's last single day. The energy saved here takes away stress and frees your imagination.

Another advantage is that the caterer can deliver to you wherever you want, or prepare menus that are easy to transport. Would you like to have lunch at home? No problem. But if you prefer a dinner on the beach at sunset with your girlfriends, there is nothing better than a caterer to prepare your meal. You will be able to devote yourself fully to the preparation and decoration.

Finally, a caterer can adapt to your requests. In terms of budget, type of food, location... In short, a caterer is the most flexible solution for preparing a hen party. And if you have the good idea of choosing the same caterer as the one who will grace the reception table with his or her dishes, you may also be able to negotiate a substantial discount.

Some ideas for a hen party

If your friend is a fan of good food, you can integrate the evening meal into an entertainment programme. For example, a group cooking class. Different versions exist;

The aperitif version. You prepare your tapas and verrines and take them with you for tasting at the place of your choice;

The dinner version. You prepare your evening menu together and stay to taste it on the spot;

The challenge version. Take on the role of a chef and play the role of a chef. In teams, and with a basket containing exactly the same thing, challenge yourselves and receive the final assessment of an experienced chef.

What is true for the kitchen is also true for the bar. And, if you prefer cocktails to tapas, a bartender can come to you and decline the same kind of proposal. But if you are looking for a complete service, many event companies work closely with caterers. This means that you can order fully planned days, including meals. Choose the theme that your friend will definitely like; sport, adventure, glamour, chic, eco-friendly... All these services are available as packages or à la carte.

Another little used but very interesting option is the brunch. Rather than focusing on the evening meal, rethink the moment of the meeting. That special moment when everyone meets up before spending a memorable day together. Often, at a hen party, the friends and family of the bride-to-be come from different backgrounds. Some have never met before. So the first thing to do is to break the ice. And, you'll admit, it's always easier to do this around a table.

Order a brunch from your local caterer. Take the time to get to know each other a little and bond with each other. It will make the day more lively, and probably crazier too. You won't have to worry about the preparation and you can focus on the bond that unites you all on this rather special day. In addition, brunch has another advantage. There is no need to meet at a specific time. The time slot can easily be extended to suit everyone's obligations.

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