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Street food Catering

You’re Invited to Dinner

Are you looking for a Hong Kong caterer who makes quality street food?
For a wedding, a company party or any other type of event? We have selected for you the cream of the cream of the Hong Kong caterers who realize a street food inspired by the American and fast food tradition! For a cocktail reception, a buffet or a culinary animation stand? We adapt ourselves to your needs. You wish a service with staff or delivery? All formats are possible.

Burger Catering Hong Kong

Our top street food caterer in Hong kong


All options are available


Fast food for cocktail

Fast food truck

Fast food truck

Burger gastronomy fancy

Street food gastronomy


Street food for seated meal

Sate Skewer Catering

Skewer & grilled catering

Fries catering

Fried catering

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