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Catering by type of restauration

Are you looking for a caterer in Hong Kong?
We have classified for you our culinary service providers by catering mode: A cocktail format for a standing reception and fiery discussions. A buffet to allow everyone to compose the plate of their choice. A seated meal to think up the menu yourself and have it served by experienced staff. A food truck for a relaxed atmosphere. A culinary animation stand to take your guests' taste buds on a journey. Catering booths for delivery so that you can place the meal yourself on standing tables and pay less. A meal tray to make it easier for your employees to eat. An office stand to brighten up the daily life of your employees. A mobile kitchen for an outdoor event. Catering to restore the staff of your event (waiters, technicians, organizers ...). Make your choice!

Finger Food

Canapes finger food catering


Buffet catering hong kong

Food truck

Outdoor Food Truck catering

Chef at home

chef at home catering reception hong kong

Barman at home

barman at home catering hong kong

Equipment for reception

Chef's Kitchen catering equipment

Healthy snack

Outdoor Healthy Snack Hong Kong

Food tray

Food tray catering hk

Sandwichs & salad

Salad catering hong kong
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