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Healthy snack Catering


Catered to your needs!

What if you offered your employees healthy and ethical snacking breaks?
Would you like to offer your employees a daily snack service so that they spend more time at the office, are happier in the company and are more productive?

Nothing better than our fresh fruit baskets and snacking: muesli, dried fruit or chocolate bars, fresh bottled fruit juice...

All this via a monthly, annual or on-demand contract, with no obligation! It is you who controls your expenses and your restocking when you want.

Outdoor Snack Catering Hong Kong

Our top Healthy snacks caterer in Hong kong


All options are available

Fruit basket

Fruit basket

Fruit juice

Fresh fruit juice


Cereal & Muesli for healthy breaks


Vegetable Soup catering


Fresh salad catering


Healthy cakes

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