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Food truck Catering

Catered to your needs

Book an event food truck in Hong Kong, to cater for your employees in a company or during an event!

Are you organizing a wedding, a seminar or a company party? Rather for a brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner? Our food truck caterers in Hong Kong are all specialized in a culinary style. Finally, if you are looking for a top-of-the-range, mid-range or low-price catering service, we have a service provider for each type of customer request.

A specific request? Allergy to seafood, fervent defender of the vegan/veggie cause, follower of fresh fruits and vegetables? Tell us every detail and we will put you in touch with the best culinary event trucks in Hong Kong for your event.

Outdoor Food Truck Catering Hong Kong

Our top caterer for food truck in Hong kong


All options are available

Ice cream food truck

Ice cream Food truck

Fast food truck

Hamburger & Hot dogs food truck

chips & fish food truck

Fish & Chips food truck

Salad healthy food truck

Salad & Juice 

Food truck 

Gastronomic food truck

Gastronomic Food truck 

cocktail food truck

Cocktail food truck 

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