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Chef at home Catering

Catered to your needs

Book your chef at home for your birthday, wedding or business meal
Whatever the type of event you are organizing and the type of home chef you are looking for, we will put you in touch with the 3 professionals best suited to your needs: budget, culinary style, additional services... 

Hong Kong is full of chefs and cooks whose job is to treat your guests at home, thanks to a multitude of culinary styles: gastronomic, French cuisine, molecular cuisine, Asian cuisine...

Choose your options: schedule, number of guests, "cooking classes" option...

All formats are possible for your event. You only have to ask for your quote to receive within 24 hours three quotes from the Hong Kong chefs who best meet your needs!

Chef at home Catering Hong Kong

Our top Chef at home in Hong kong


All options are available

Italian Chef cooking

Italian cuisine

Cantonese chef cooking

Cantonese cuisine

Vegetarian Chef cooking

Vegan & Vegetarian Cuisine

Japanese Chef preparation

Japanese cuisine 

French Chef Cooking

French Cuisine

Molecular cuisine chef

Molecular cuisine

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