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What a caterer can offer a company?

As a business leader, we are faced with many choices. And, as far as this subject is concerned, these choices sometimes depend on the services of external companies. The life of a company is punctuated by various meetings, parties and other conventions. It is during these moments that we must call upon real professionals in the field of organisation, starting with caterers. So when can these catering professionals help us?

For a convention

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the organisation of conventions. After a few hours spent talking about the company's objectives, the new product to be promoted or team building, everyone is waiting to fill their stomachs. The caterer is therefore there to offer us a gustatory pleasure and to allow us to extend the informal discussions after the speeches.

Depending on your choices, your caterer can prepare a sit-down meal, with service by the plate or by the dish, or a buffet, or even a cocktail party. If this moment is important, it is because it allows all the guests of the convention to exchange after the programme. This is how networks are built. It is sometimes during these conventions that relationships are formed that will later be very fruitful. Moreover, it seems impossible to leave without a minimum of debriefing on what you have just witnessed. The end would be too abrupt. The caterer is therefore a precious help in the organisation of such events.

During a seminar

In the same vein, the caterer can perfectly accompany us during our seminars. Even if they are built over several days. He will be in charge of all the meals, including those that may be taken outside, during visits, leisure activities or special events. Food brings people together. It is therefore important to take care of this aspect during our company meetings. The caterer is a very important partner for all our event organisations.

Seminars, however, are very special events. And if caterers are invited to these events, they are often only invited for the evening at the end of the seminar. It is true that in many cases, the accommodation structure hosting the seminarians is able to provide a standard daily catering service. However, whatever our reasons for using a caterer, it is clear that they are always present.

For meetings

Even when we meet on the company premises. Indeed, how many evenings have we spent locked in a meeting room to define the next objectives of our structure. Whether the meeting is held in a small group or involves a larger part of the company, nothing changes; you have to feed yourself. In fact, and to improve the comfort of the participants, it may be a good idea to provide some lunch. You can always think better on a full stomach.

Organising this type of dinner with colleagues in the office is quite simple. And although pizza is often the preferred choice these days, a catered buffet looks different and doesn't have to cost much more. The choice is much wider, and allows you to respect the eating habits of each participant.

For parties

Sometimes a company invites its employees and a few of its most valued clients to a party outside of the professional setting. Here, no speeches, but a party in honour of the guests. Show, dance, music, humour... and food. This kind of party is usually effective. Everyone relaxes and the hierarchical relationships tend to be relaxed. The context thus created allows everyone to discover each other in a new light (or on a new night) and allows for more sincere relations between the different members of the teams.

As for the catering, several choices are possible. If the cabaret show is one option, the open room with a large dance floor, surrounded by an all-you-can-eat buffet is another. There are several ways to have fun. In the first case, it will be necessary to eat seated at a table, and therefore to draw up a table plan. In the second case, the guests are more free to move around. But in both cases, it is the caterer who will help you organise your evening, depending on the configuration of the room.

Every day

We forget it too much, but the caterer can also serve the employees at the office, every day at noon. Just like pizza or sushi delivery, a caterer can plan your snack and deliver it to you. Of course, it will be easier for him if several employees order at the same time. But there's nothing to stop you ordering alone and having it delivered.

In some companies, this type of service is set up to encourage their employees to adopt responsible consumption and prefer a balanced diet. Access to the caterer is thus facilitated. And it is easy to understand why, for reasons of taste and health among others, this method of operation is very successful. On the other hand, the use of a caterer also allows for a greater variety in the food.

As can be seen, the caterer is a true partner of the company, both in the organisation of events and in the daily life of employees. In the past, caterers were only mentioned when planning a wedding or a christening, but today they are able to intervene on all occasions. This is a plus, even a plus. Firstly, because caterers give us access to a wider range of foods, and therefore a better balance. And secondly, because they are able to adapt to the different configurations that we propose.

Diversity, adaptability, flexibility, reactivity, creativity, experience, professionalism... Caterers have all the qualities needed to satisfy companies.

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