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Which buffet for a baby shower?

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You will soon discover the joy of being a mother! To celebrate this event properly, you want to organise a baby shower. It's a great opportunity to get all your friends together and have a good time while waiting for the arrival of the baby!

During your baby shower, a buffet should be present to please your guests' taste buds. Good news: this is the opportunity to treat yourself to a colourful buffet!

Why use a caterer for a baby shower?

You have two options for organising your baby shower. The first is to prepare the buffet yourself (possibly with the help of your friends). The second is to ask a caterer to prepare the buffet. If you're inviting 6 friends to your house, there's no need to use a caterer: you can easily prepare delicious treats without having to strain yourself. However, if you're expecting a lot of people for your baby shower, it might be better to use a caterer. Don't forget that pregnancy can be tiring and organising a baby shower can be stressful.

So don't hesitate to have the buffet prepared by a caterer to save time. This will allow you to concentrate on the decorations and why not simply relax while you wait for the festivities!

When you choose your caterer, make sure you choose a professional who takes your opinion into account and who knows how to propose original ideas. This way, you won't have to worry about the quality of the buffet: all you have to do is enjoy yourself and your guests!

A sweet buffet for a baby shower

Do you have a sweet tooth for your baby shower? This is not surprising if the event takes place in the afternoon. In the United States, it is customary to prepare a candy bar and a "sweet table" to delight the taste buds of sweet tooths. This is an idea that your caterer will undoubtedly suggest. Here are a few little sweets that can be found on the table hosting your baby shower buffet:

● Small handmade sweets of all colours

● Beautifully decorated cupcakes

● Sweetly flavoured macaroons

● Fresh seasonal fruit skewers

● You can also have a cotton candy machine or a chocolate fountain installed: food lovers will love it!

● Heart-shaped cookies

One thing is for sure: you're in for a treat at your baby shower! Don't forget to take care of the buffet decoration: you can't eat with your eyes, but pretty colours will make your guests hungry!

What if the baby shower was an opportunity to announce the sex of the baby?

You haven't yet announced the sex of your baby to your friends and family? The baby shower can also be the perfect opportunity to announce it! It will also be an opportunity to create an original buffet. For example, you can ask your caterer to prepare a "gender cake". A cake that holds your baby's precious secret: when you cut the slices, your guests will discover a pink or blue heart!

Is your baby's gender already known? In this case, your caterer can imagine a monochrome buffet: pink for a girl, blue for a boy!

Find your caterer for your baby shower

Not sure how to find a caterer for your baby shower? You can trust word of mouth, but also use the search engine on our website. Indeed, we have selected the best caterers in the whole of Hong Kong. You are bound to find one that specialises in baby showers near you! You can then contact the caterers of your choice, ask them for a quote, meet them and above all, ask them for a tasting! Pregnancy is the perfect time to treat yourself!

And if you can't make up your mind, you can always call on our services: we can take care of finding your caterer if you wish! What are you waiting for to contact our team?

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