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Housewarming: what if you choose the buffet formula?

Have you just moved into a new flat or house? You will soon have to invite your family and friends to visit your new home by organising a house-warming party! A very festive occasion as we like it. But you don't want to be in charge of the kitchen at your house-warming party, and that's normal: you want to enjoy the party too! Fortunately, there is a solution: call in a caterer!

You are going to call on a caterer, but are not sure whether to have a sit-down meal or a buffet? Discover the advantages of these two options!

Why should you choose a buffet for a house-warming party?

For a house-warming party, the easiest solution is to opt for a buffet, especially if you are expecting a lot of people. Indeed, thanks to the buffet, your guests will have all the opportunity to walk around your new home and chat with each other as they please while enjoying delicious appetizers! The housewarming party is a party, not a family meal: if you're looking for a less formal solution, there's nothing better than a buffet!

Are you worried that your guests will go hungry with the buffet formula? Don't panic! The caterers are professionals who know exactly how much to prepare to prevent your guests from getting hungry! Of course, to do this, you need to have a rough idea of the number of guests. Don't hesitate to count a bit more, for last minute guests!

What bothers you about the idea of a buffet is the fact that you only serve cold portions to your guests? These days, buffets are much more gourmet than that! You can serve both hot and cold portions, as long as you make your kitchen available to the catering chef!

What if I really want a sit-down meal?

Do you really prefer a sit-down meal? Although a housewarming party is a festive occasion, it is important to bear in mind that it can also be a quiet one. If you want to have a small housewarming party, you can have a sit-down meal. If there are more than 15 people, on the other hand, the buffet formula will be much easier to organise. Indeed, it would be a shame if your guests did not all eat at the same time!

Another solution that has proved its worth for some parties: plan a buffet for the aperitif and dessert... and plan a hot meal served at the table. This way, your party will not be too formal and your guests will undoubtedly enjoy themselves!

A seafood buffet for the house-warming party at your seaside home

Are you tempted by the buffet? Would you like some examples of dishes that can be served at a house-warming party for a house by the sea? We advise you to contact your caterer, but here are some gourmet suggestions that should not leave you indifferent:

● Blinis with homemade tarama and caviar

● Pan-fried prawns with spices

● Smoked salmon toast

● Tuna and sardine rillettes

● Scallop bites

● Guacamole and prawn verrines

● Mussels escabeche

● Oysters

● And for dessert, an exotic fruit salad, small floating islands, etc...

If you appreciate marine flavours, you should enjoy it.

A buffet with US flavours for the housewarming of your first flat

Have you just moved into your first flat with your girlfriend? Are you dreaming of a convivial and gourmet party? In that case, why not imagine a US-style buffet for your house-warming party? Junk food lovers will love it! Here are a few suggestions to make to your caterer:

● Mini hamburgers

● Mini hot dogs

● Pizzettes with multiple toppings (cheese, vegetables, etc.)

● Mini bagels with philadelphia, cucumber and smoked salmon

● Salads: coleslaw, waldorf salad, caesar salad...

● Cookies

● Brownies

● Blueberry muffins

● Carrot cake

● Cheesecake with fruit coulis

One thing is for sure: by the end of the evening, your guests should not be very hungry!

Whether you choose a buffet or a sit-down meal for your housewarming party, don't forget that the most important thing is to have fun: trust your caterer to wake up the taste buds of your most gourmand guests!

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