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The extra services that a caterer can offer

The festive season is now ahead of us. It's time to focus on the new features and services that will get the new year off to a flying start. Although the menu and service are the basis of a caterer's work, there are many additional options that one can choose.

These "extra" services include, for example:

Culinary entertainment.

Live cooking in front of your guests

Cooking workshops, for young and old;

The services of a chef in your home;

Table and venue decoration, classic entertainment such as a DJ, a band or a magician, or more daring entertainment such as a giant Trivial Pursuit or Cluédo, where each table is a team, etc.

Service staff:

A caterer must be able to prepare a meal and also take care of serving it to the guests, either himself or with the help of service staff;

The delivery of the meal or buffet is an essential service in this sector and must not affect the quality of the food (hot dishes that get cold, sudden temperature changes for drinks, etc.).

The installation and re-installation, after the event, of all the elements used for the service.

The caterer must be responsible for the quick return of the equipment, which will then be used again. The company may set up a bar or podiums and provide tables and chairs if the venue does not have them;

Washing up and cleaning the venue, floors, etc., are also important services. Everything must be clean at the end of the event and this must be mentioned in the estimate to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Equipment Rental

Equipment such as tableware, cutlery and crockery should be provided by you, unless the client specifically requests otherwise. You can also provide or hire furniture and tablecloths and covers for the chairs. A caterer can also take care of the menu cards or the decoration of the room and tables;

The service of drinks should also be included in the services. In addition, a caterer must be able to advise on the drinks that best suit the chosen menu or buffet and the budget of its clients.

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