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Sushi Catering Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Are you organising an event in Hong Kong, and are you looking for original and exotic dishes to offer your guests? No need to look far! Our network of sushi caterers offer you a single ticket to Tokyo for an evening!

Sushi is a must-have dish in Japanese cuisine, and is now THE fashionable meal, popular for its simplicity and inimitable flavours. Available in different variations, from maki to sashimi, they appeal to both fish lovers and vegetarians. A light meal par excellence, and very often accompanied by a salad (cabbage, seaweed, rice, etc.), sushi brings a refined and elegant touch to any reception.

Our network of Japanese caterers have understood this, and offer you their service to bring a part of Japanese culture to your plate. Personalized service, professionalism and quality cuisine are guaranteed!

Serving sushi at a reception will amaze your guests with the original and delicate character of this dish. Moreover, tasting sushi can also be an opportunity to create bonds between the different guests: sharing a sushi platter, or learning to eat together with chopsticks, necessarily creates a family and relaxed atmosphere among your guests.

Our Japanese caterers have understood this; this is why they offer you different types of services according to your project: buffet, sharing platter, cocktail party, or even culinary animation stand.

Whether you are organising a corporate event, a birthday party or even a wedding, sushi goes well with any type of event to delight your guests' taste buds.

Our caterers adapt to your needs and will be delighted to discuss your reception with you. Don't wait any longer to offer yourself a unique and unforgettable service worthy of the greatest sushi masters, while remaining in Hong Kong!

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