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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Within a company, the objective is to create a good cohesion between the teams and that there is a good atmosphere. Even if the latter remains professional, a good atmosphere makes employees want to work. To develop these professional friendships, several company events can be organized such as a cocktail party.

The fact of organizing a cocktail party within your premises allows to create a link between the employees. They will meet around a drink rather than in a meeting or a seminar.


1. The organization of a cocktail party is very easy. In a few days, it is possible to offer your employees a tailor-made event. Whether it is in the morning, at noon or in the evening, a cocktail party remains the most obvious formula for your company. However, we advise you to opt for a cocktail party.

Indeed, for a breakfast or a lunch, the organization remains the same. But, it will not be as productive as a dinner. After a breakfast or a lunch, your collaborators will go back to their posts to work. They will still have their heads in the projects and you may not get the results you want. At the end of the day, the work is over. From 6pm is the ideal time. The employees will be quieter to talk about new projects and find original ideas. Work will not necessarily be the only topic discussed. It is at this time that employees are really productive.

2. When a cocktail party is organized within a company, it is important to take into account the fact that the employees will be standing. They are not stuck in a chair and can talk with all the people they want. This is the reason why cocktail parties usually have a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

A small detail to take into account: offer mignardises that are easy to eat.

3. For your company's budget, the cocktail party is a very good alternative. Depending on the caterer selected, mignardises can be less expensive than other events that require seating.

Although you are very attentive to the budget, pay attention to the quantities of mignardises. To do this, know in advance how many people will be attending and then talk to your caterer. He will do what is necessary so that the employees can eat their fill.

4. To satisfy all the tastes of your guests, make sure that there is a choice. Contact your caterer and ask him/her to provide a dozen varieties of mignardises.

But before you decide on the flavors you want to offer, try to find out more about the tastes of your company's cocktail party attendees. A little in-house polling never hurts.

5. Organizing a cocktail party allows you to welcome more people. As it does not require seating, this cocktail party allows you to take advantage of all the space available. However, you should note that you must find a way to avoid crowding the employees. They will be standing and will have their hands full. Between the glass, the plate, the napkin and the cutlery, your employees can lose patience.

Our little tip is to have clip-on glass rests. This way, the glass would be held in place by the plate.

6. The cocktail party is an event that can be adapted to any type of announcement, for example inaugurations or project presentations. Simple and quick to organize, it is a very good choice with obvious advantages for your company.

Moreover, it creates real links between teams and between employees.


After understanding the stakes of the cocktail party, you must determine the date of this event. We advise you to avoid Friday night. Employees are in a hurry: go home or leave for the weekend. Thursday can be an excellent choice.

Finally, determine which corporate caterer you want. There are many caterers available to satisfy your employees' palates. Depending on your preferences and your budget, choose the professional of your choice to carry out your cocktail party.

Want to organize a cocktail party? Catering HK, with the help of its partner artisans, accompanies you in the organization of your event by offering menus composed of fresh and local products.

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