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Organise a team building with the help of our caterer

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The blooming within a company is a motivating factor for the employees. They must feel good and want to come to work. This is a recurring theme these days: well-being in the workplace. Studies have proven the difference in productivity when you feel good and vice versa. One of the techniques for this can be the culinary team building.

As its name suggests, team building allows to create a cohesion within the teams and to reinforce the links. It is well known: having friends at work promotes well-being. Thanks to activities, the good understanding is in the spotlight. Different outings can be imagined: bowling, exploration of a park, collective games, go-karting or even a culinary team building.


If we talk to you about a company seminar, you will run away for fear of dying of boredom. We are well aware that these animations lack originality and bite. It is necessary to find good ideas for your company to organize original group activities.

The perfect team building activity for your company is the culinary challenge. When food is mentioned, people automatically come with a smile and a good mood. Everyone loves to eat, discover new flavors or cook. Very often, team building is limited to ordinary games like quizzes or answering questions. Integrating food in your team building allows you to develop your collaborators' originality, their learning time and their patience.

For this nutrition workshop, we advise you to use a caterer. This one will guarantee the team building animation so that your employees spend a good time and learn new techniques. Why should you ask for the help of a caterer? A caterer in Paris can afford to be attentive to details. The accompaniment of the group is totally personalized. Thus, each person can go at his or her own pace without feeling any pressure. The dishes, sophisticated, remain simple to realize.

This innovative team building promises a complete immersion in the culinary world of the caterer: his working habits, his techniques as well as his organization. These are elements that your collaborators can later converse about for their professional life, but also for their private life. There is thus a real added value.


Food has been known for hundreds of years as an element that brings society together. Around a meal or even during a snack, eating is a moment of sharing and conviviality. This is why it is beneficial to incorporate these elements into your business. Around a caterer, you will gather your teams.

The cohesion of the members of your company will develop. This team building activity allows you to get to know the people around you, to know more about the people you meet only twice a week, because they are in the other room or the employees who are part of the administration. This common understanding ensures increased productivity.

Moreover, when employees know each other very little, there can be judgments.

Through a culinary team building, the employees are relaxed which is conducive to discussion.

There are more exchanges which allows to know and understand the point of view of each one, but also to settle all the unforeseen which can exist. But it is also a very good opportunity to solve existing problems within the teams.

This culinary challenge invites people to discover themselves more, to be interested in their private life and not to focus only on work issues.

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