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9 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Many parents are a little afraid of their child's birthday, and miss the days when the party was just a group play in the birthday boy's room, followed by a good spaghetti and cake. Today, parents and shopkeepers compete to organise the most original birthday party ever. But how do you find the perfect activity that everyone will remember?

1 - The classics

Of course, if you want to pull a thorn in your side, you can always opt for "all-inclusive" formulas which can prove to be very practical: bowling-hot dog, popcorn cinema, laser-pizza games... Play centers and restaurants go to great lengths to offer turnkey packages to simplify parents' lives.

Those who can afford it can also afford the luxury of an in-home magician, a clown or an exotic animal specialist who travels with lizards, turtles, snakes and other creatures to amaze the little ones. It works, but you have to be able to afford it. We're talking about activities between $100 and $300. Phew!

2 - At home

If you have the energy, you can choose to party at home. A word of advice, however: people often plan a lot of activities in a relatively short period of time and often forget that they know how to play and have fun.

If, in 3-4 hours, the children's schedule is overloaded, you don't leave them any time to simply discover the room of the birthday girl or boy and have a little fun alone. If your schedule is too tight, you risk turning into a stress ball!

3 - A party in reverse

Children love the madness, the forbidden. Why don't you throw a party in reverse? Ask guests to come home dressed inside out: socks, sweater, pants, everything inside out! They will have a lot of fun discovering each other, you'll see!

Then, start the party at the end. Play games beforehand, give the gifts, blow out the candles and then offer the meal: start with the cake (being careful to offer only a small piece so as not to spoil their appetite). Eat it with the knife! Then, the meal. Offer a spoon, if it is usually eaten with a fork and vice versa. You will see, pleasure guaranteed! Sometimes, just one detail that changes the routine can make all the difference.

4 - A face contest

Take turns having them take turns making a face contest. Their unbridled imagination will run wild!

5 - The Ugliest Drawing

Children too sometimes get tired of performance at any cost. Why not turn the tide and give them the opportunity to do anything... or the ugliest things! A drawing, for example. Let each of them do the ugliest drawing they've ever done. It's allowed!

6 - A gingerbread house

If you're good at cooking, the kids will surely appreciate you cooking a recipe with them. The gingerbread house is always appreciated. In addition to baking the cake and cutting it into the desired shapes, kids can make the colourful icing with food colouring and decorate it with a piping bag. Finally, they will have the pleasure of being able to incorporate the candies of their choice that you will have distributed in bowls on the table. And why not have the luxury of tasting it when it's ready!

7 - The frames

You will find in dollar stores or in some IKEA's really cheap light wood frames that you can give to each guest. Also buy paint, brushes and beads as well as self-adhesive pictures that will fit nicely on the frame, each with a brush in hand, they can decorate the frame as they wish...

But that's not all! Ask an adult accomplice to help you take a picture of each friend as soon as they arrive with your child. While the little ones are creating their wonder, your partner will have the digital photos developed quickly and, when he or she returns, the children will be able to slide their picture into the frame. A great souvenir of the party, which they will surely keep longer than the usual contents of surprise bags... And it might even cost you less!

8 - Movie night

Don't feel like spending a lot of money or going out of the house? Why not bring the movie theater into your home? Set up a candy counter so kids can choose whatever they want: candy, chocolate, soft drinks, nachos and cheese, chips and of course, the irresistible butter popcorn. Close the curtains, turn up the sound and let the movie begin!

9 - Bingo

A bingo game with a ball and crank that can keep your children entertained for several long minutes is available everywhere. If you use a different tone of voice, imitating the bingo leaders, you may also get a laugh. Each line or full card can be awarded a small prize. This game may seem old-fashioned to you, but for kids, it's always fun!

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