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What does it mean when someone is catering?

His job :

The caterer-organiser of receptions is a person with a boundless imagination. Whether it's for two people or for hundreds of guests, it's up to him to find a solution adapted to each occasion. Selecting the best venue, creating the menus, thinking about the service, the table decorations, the furniture, sometimes the music, even the show... He has a heavy responsibility in the success of a reception.

Generally, the caterer works to order and takes care of delivery on site. On the day of the event, they set up the buffet, ensure that the timing is right and coordinate the entire service. The caterer also prepares ready-to-eat dishes for the customer to take away.

Its main responsibilities:

- Develop a commercial offer adapted to the needs of each customer.

- Drawing up specifications.

- Place orders for ingredients with suppliers.

- Managing supplies and stock of goods.

- Carry out preparations while ensuring strict compliance with food safety.

- Plan the ressources to be used (human, material, logistical, culinary).

- Possibly organise the work of the teams (permanent staff, extras) and the service to guests on the day.

- Delivering to customers at home.

His/her main qualities:

- Weddings, birthdays, sporting events, conferences, congresses, etc. The reception caterer-organiser must be imaginative, organised and available to provide services for different types of events.

- A fine gourmet and an excellent gastronome, he has a sense of human relations and knows how to adapt to his clients.

- He is a good salesman and a good manager.

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