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What are the types of Catering?

The meal is undeniably one of the key elements of any event. It is therefore common to entrust its preparation to a caterer. It is possible to choose a specific type of caterer depending on your preferences and possibly the theme you have chosen.

Caterers specialising in events

As you may have guessed, these are the caterers who are exclusively involved in private parties, seminars and weddings. Their know-how enables them to offer a varied menu, adapted to all tastes and budgets. You can entrust them with sweet dishes as well as sweet delicacies.

As a general rule, they can take care of the decoration and the setting of the tables to enhance the menus and wines that you will have previously selected.

These caterers are characterised by the way they choose their raw materials. Local, fresh and organically grown ingredients are given priority. Chemical substances are totally excluded, which guarantees respect for flavours and a very high nutritional content. Vegetables, fruit and meat all meet strict quality standards to give shape to savoury or sweet preparations that meet your expectations.

Their specialisation says it all! These caterers prepare menus in accordance with the requirements of vegetarians. Flavours and aromas are combined with a well thought-out visual so that guests who usually eat meat do not feel any lack of it.

These gastronomy professionals only work on prestigious events. The main ingredients are luxurious products such as caviar, prawns or foie gras. They can prepare a top-of-the-range menu for a professional event such as a company party, concoct an exceptional meal for luxury weddings or even vernissages and other events organised under the sign of prestige.

When should you call on the services of a caterer?

A caterer is mainly called upon for the organisation of a wedding. His ability to treat a small group as well as hundreds of guests is a real asset. Your caterer will be able to adapt his menu proposal to the theme of your wedding. The setting of the reception can also be a source of inspiration for the team, who will ensure that the dishes are in harmony with the particularities of this exceptional event. However, it is important to know that the caterer is not only a taste bud agitator.

He also has the skills to take care of the entire stewardship of the event throughout the day. He organises his team so that everything is impeccable, from setting up to washing up and serving. You will then be able to concentrate fully on your couple and enjoy the memorable moments spent in the company of your guests. If necessary, you can also entrust him with additional services such as sound and entertainment.

Following the same logic, a qualified team that has mastered the art of gastronomy offers you the opportunity to enjoy a refined feast for a vow renewal or simply a wedding anniversary. Instead of thinking about the menu, the table layout, the drinks to match the dishes and other exciting details yourself, let a caterer do it.

It is also worthwhile using a caterer for a christening. Contrary to what you might think, preparing the religious ceremony and giving time to the guests is time-consuming. It is therefore not easy to manage everything and to cook at the same time. Keep it simple: concentrate on the ceremony before celebrating with your loved ones. The caterer will prepare and organise the meal according to your instructions.

Birthdays are also a good opportunity to call on the expertise of a professional caterer. This option is particularly interesting when celebrating a round number, as it is usually an opportunity to celebrate a new age in style. Your caterer can offer you a menu, a room adapted to the theme of the birthday and the number of guests, not forgetting the services to entertain everyone. During the day or in the evening, the caterer remains a precious ally!

Caterers offer their expertise in a wide range of areas, with weddings being the main event they cater for. Remember to analyse your needs carefully to determine the type of caterer you need based on their specialisation. Special menus can be created for food intolerances or simply to satisfy particular desires. Simply discuss this with your caterer.

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