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Catering equipment for your cocktail party

For a standing cocktail party, as we regularly do, it is important to combine the food (sweet and salty canapés) with the appropriate catering equipment.

It is necessary to put yourself in a situation where your guests are essentially standing, even if they may have previously attended a conference sitting down. During the catering service, the guests spend most of their time near the buffet.

As for the equipment, the buffet must include the following elements

Water glasses and other non-alcoholic drinks

Wine glasses and champagne flutes, if applicable

Champagne bucket(s)

Ice bucket(s)

Display stands

Presentation tray(s)

Serving tray(s)

Ice scoop(s) and spoon(s)

Ice tray(s) and ice bag(s)

At Catering HK, the equipment can be predominantly white to match a black tablecloth, or predominantly black to match a white tablecloth. You can also decorate this color scheme with flowers around the buffet.

See you soon at your next Catering HK event!

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