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Lebanese caterer Hong Kong

You are organising an event in Hong Kong, and would like to bring a Lebanese dish? Our caterers take care of everything so that your guests have the chance to discover the sweet flavours of Lebanese gastronomy...

Falafels, baba ganoush, kafta... Lebanese cuisine is full of tasty and varied specialities. If you can't guarantee sunshine for your reception, the flavours of Mediterranean gastronomy promise you an authentic touch as well as quality dishes that will amaze your guests.

You can count on our passionate and specialised caterers to bring out the best of Lebanon on your plates, taking you and your guests on a gustatory journey to the Middle East.

A convivial cuisine par excellence, Lebanese gastronomy is based on a series of small dishes called "Mézzés" that guests share with each other. The ideal opportunity to break the ice and start your reception in a relaxed family atmosphere!

Accompanied by a glass of Lebanese wine, your guests will have plenty of time to get to know each other over typical Lebanese dishes concocted by our chefs.

Whether for a wedding, a company seminar or a birthday party, Lebanese cuisine will find its audience at any event. Our caterers take into account your project and ensure a tailor-made service in line with it: buffet, sit-down meal or cocktail party, everything is possible!

Don't be afraid to aim high, our partners will put all their energy into helping you organise your reception so that it reflects your image.

Our catering partners, specialists in Lebanese cuisine, offer to take your guests' taste buds straight to Beirut. Don't wait any longer to give your guests the chance to taste typical Mediterranean dishes!

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