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Catering Hong Kong

Original Catering Services in HK

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Premium caterer

We have selected for you the cream of the crop of caterers in Hong Kong

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For every taste

French cuisine, molecular, fast food...You will find what you're looking for!

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and every occasion

Whether it is for a wedding, a corporate event or a junk boat we will find the best caterer for you!

Catering by type of event

You wish to book a catering service in Hong Kong?
Whether you are organizing a professional, family or student event, we have classified our partner service providers by type of event: a company cocktail party to celebrate the end of the year, a product launch to promote your brand, a junk boat to discover Hong Kong in a new way, a wedding to celebrate your love, a seminar for a team building objective, a filming or shooting in an exceptional location, a reception to create a network, a brunch to talk business... Select the type of event you are organizing and discover the top caterers in Hong Kong!

Corporate Events Catering


Junk boat Catering


Weddings Catering

Wedding Desserts catering hong kong

Birthday party Catering

Birthday party catering hong kong

Baptism Catering

Baby in Baptism Clothes

Brunch Catering

Brunch catering hong kong

BBQ Catering

barbecue bbq catering hong kong

Children's Birthday Catering

Cupcakes children's party catering

General Assembly catering

Catered Event corporate hk

Student's Ceremony Catering

Graduation Caps ceremony

Farewell Catering

farewell drink dinner catering

Exhibition Vernissage Catering

Exhibition catering

Catering by type of restauration

Are you looking for a caterer in Hong Kong?
We have classified for you our culinary service providers by catering mode: A cocktail format for a standing reception and fiery discussions. A buffet to allow everyone to compose the plate of their choice. A seated meal to think up the menu yourself and have it served by experienced staff. A food truck for a relaxed atmosphere. A culinary animation stand to take your guests' taste buds on a journey. Catering booths for delivery so that you can place the meal yourself on standing tables and pay less. A meal tray to make it easier for your employees to eat. An office stand to brighten up the daily life of your employees. A mobile kitchen for an outdoor event. Catering to restore the staff of your event (waiters, technicians, organizers ...). Make your choice!

Canapes Catering

Canapes finger food catering

Buffet Catering

Buffet catering hong kong

Food truck Catering

Outdoor Food Truck catering

Chef at Home Catering

chef at home catering reception hong kong

Barman at Home Catering

barman at home catering hong kong

Equipment for reception Catering

Chef's Kitchen catering equipment

Healthy Snack Catering

Outdoor Healthy Snack Hong Kong

Food Tray Catering

Food tray catering hk

Sandwichs & Salad Catering

Salad catering hong kong

Catering by Culinary type

What culinary style would you like for your event?
French cuisine, gastronomic or local cuisine for a purely local event. Fast food, Mexican or BBQ catering for a meal on the go. Asian, Japanese or Thai cuisine for refined flavors. A playful, original or insect catering service to surprise your guests. Pastries, desserts and fresh fruits for sweet lovers. A Lebanese, Indian or African catering service for surprising culinary discoveries. A vegan or veggie meal for a trendy banquet. We have classified for you the best caterers in Hong Kong by tastes and culinary cultures.

French Catering

Image by Jonathan Pielmayer

Lebanese Catering

Homemade Hummus

Indian Catering

Indian Food

Thai Catering

Street Food

Vegetarian / Vegan Catering


Chinese Catering

Food Spread

Street Food Catering


Pastries & Dessert Catering

Pastry Selection

Seafood Catering

Seafood Paella

Cantonese Catering

Dim Sum

Italian Catering

Image by Eaters Collective

Japanese Catering

Sushi Platter
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